UKOUG Tech 14

On Sunday I will be heading North from London to Liverpool for 4 days, to attend another UK Oracle User Group conference – #UKOUG_Tech14

I’m sure it will be as wonderful and informative a 4 days as you can get in the Oracle technical area. The hard part of attending is working out what and who to see.

I will be presenting there again – this time a talk on Goldengate late on the final day. I just need to get my slides a little more polished…

Hopefully I’ll see you there. Please say Hi! I am fairly social and mostly house trained. But no stalking, OK.

UKOUG Tech13

I attended the UKOUG Tech13 conference this week, along with over 1,000 other Oracle Technical Professionals (and some less-professional too), to learn what I could about how everyone else is doing stuff with Oracle, and how it works. And to share some experiences.

I wasn’t disappointed.

As with everything these days, there was a lot of activity on Twitter about the 4 day conference, and one of the sponsors, RittmanMead, had knocked up a rather wonderful tweet visualisation (click here to see how – magical):


As you can see, there are some of the worlds best-known Oracle techies on the list of top speaker tweets, but I am as pleased as anything to have been in the top 10 most tweeted speakers at the end of the 1st day (although I suspect that’s because I knew where the pub was, rather than too much about my 1st presentation)

Get involved with the Oracle community, in whatever form. It leads to professional and personal development, real insights about what Oracle really does (rather than what the marketeers say), and some good friendships. And possibly liver disease judging by the amount of alcohol consumed by all.:-)


UKOUG Presentations for Tech13

I’m giving 2 presentation this year at the UK Oracle User Group Tech13 Conference

The first is a discussion about the reason why you do or do not need to do low level detail traces and block dumps, and argument with Martin Widlake (and the audience hopefully). This is at 4pm on “Super” Sunday 1st.
Presentation 1 Abstract

I will also be presenting Why did my plan change? A run through of the top few reasons why Oracle (un)expectedly changed your execution plan, and what you can do about it using SQL Plan Management. This is on Tuesday 3rd December at 17:45.
Presentation 2 Abstract

I hope to see you there, or in the Pub at a MOB* (probably propping up the bar in the Peveril of the Peak given it’s close and good)


*Manchester Oracle Beers, a sister evening to the London Oracle Beers

UKOUG Tech13 launch last night

UKOUG Tech13 agenda launch last night. Feeling energised today if a little delicate.

Looks like I’m giving 2 presentations this year.



UKOUG Combined AIM and Database Server SIG Agenda

On 18th July, the UKOUG has a combined technical Oracle SIG in London.

I am (a) deputy chairman of the Availability, Infrastructure and Management (AIM) SIG, which concentrates on subjects like RAC, Exadata and Grid Control, and we are combining forces with the Database Server SIG to produce a 2-stream technical Super-SIG.

The Agenda is on-line here and given the excellent and extensive list of well known speakers that we have managed to attract, I can’t imagine a single DBA in Northern Europe who won’t want to be at this one.

You can register now. If your company is a UKOUG Member or Partner, you can (probably) come along free! I hope to see you there, and in the pub afterwards.

UKOUG Conference 2012 Agenda Online

Today the UK’s big Oracle User event has just lifted its skirts to show off its new frilly agenda, which can be found here.

I have been a member of the UKOUG for well over a decade, and a Special Interest Group (SIG) Deputy Chairman for the last 5 or 6 years. As an independent consultant this costs me money in lost earnings, basic membership fees, travel, hotels, flowers for the wife, etc. However, I make my living as an Oracle consultant and I need to keep up with trends, understand a broad range of information about the Oracle world, network, and learn. All of these opportunities are afforded by the UKOUG, especially at Conference time.
So, read the agenda, think about what you could do to improve the way things work at your company, and pester your boss for a pass. You never know where it could lead. If you’re lucky, it could lead to an invite to the launch of the agenda, involving Oracle luminaries, canapes, beer and dancing (and here’s the evidence)

UKOUG Agenda Launch

Who can you spot? Debra Lilley? Bernie Duggs? Julian Dyke? Martin Widlake? Coskan Gundogar? Dawn Rigby?

UKOUG 2011

Well, I’m back at work today missing the excellent final day of the UKOUG 2011 (@UKOUG  #UKOUG2011), but frankly I’m worn out.

After watching some of the most fantastic presentations by the likes of Doug Burns, Jonathan Lewis, Greg Rahn, Tanel Poder and many others**, my brain is full. I couldn’t absorb another fact.

A similar crowd, too numerous to mention, then helped me destroy the information that I had just learned, through the medium of good British Real Ale and Whisky.

Technical blogs to follow, once my brain cools down and my liver recovers.


**A special mention to Thomas Presslie for pouring shots of The Balvenie Scottish Single Malt Whisky into me to demonstrate DataGuard Fast Start Failover, at 10:30am. Transactional Whisky indeed. Not sensible but good fun and a novel way to represent a commit😀 – I’m on the left (thanks for the Photo, Doug)


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